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UM SO. RL ate my brain in early December and I seem to have never actually put my letter here. No wonder I wound up on the pinch-hit list....

Anyway, dear dear alterna-Yulegoat, you are amazing and thank you.

So last year, my letter was all "I want happy sparkly fic of joy! ...but if you've matched on Clover then I do not, liek, particularly expect fluffybunnyfic." My Yulewriter had lots of angst because she was, in fact, writing Clover fic - and so she wrote me a story where Kazuhiko gets to something-like-happiness via revengey murder-suicide. It was exactly what I wanted but hadn't realized I wanted. It is my headcanon now. I feel no need to use a Yuletide slot on Clover this year because it was so amazing.

This story has a few morals, and the first is: please do not angst, Yulewriter! I will love whatever you write for me! I understand that the optional details are optional!

The second, related one is: I blither on and on and on about what I *might* like to see, here, but if you have a brilliant idea that is not in my optional details or Yuleletter then probably it is something that I would adore but did not think of myself. WRITE IT.
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Just got back from seeing Sherlock Holmes. Do not have terribly coherent thoughts. Am not sure it was a terribly coherent movie. I do not care — it had pulpy steampunky goodness, and Robert Downey Jr & Jude Law being ridiculously slashy at each other. That is all I expected/wanted.

I cannot wait for the fic, and I really can't wait for the vids — the movie was seriously pretty.
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My boyfriend is currently watching Doctor Who for the first time. We're at "The Parting of the Ways" right now...

Him: Man, [the Daleks'] plan is sheer elegance in its simplicity.
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As far as first Yuletides go I'm extremely happy with mine!

I had a bad moment an hour or two before the reveal, when I suddenly got an idea that was Far Better than the one I actually wrote, but my recip is happy with the fic I did write and I can always write her the other one for NYR. <3

My gift, "The sheep that smiled at its hanging," is pretty much exactly what I didn't realize I wanted until I read it. Clover post-series, dark Kazuhiko, incredible snapshots of minor characters, lovely Ran/Gingetsu.

I feel a little bad for making my writer worry; I guess next year I will have to disclaim "no seriously I will probably love it, whatever it is" louder in my Yuletide letter.

And someone even wrote me a Yuletide Madness treat! I can't wait until those are revealed.
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I'm surprised by the degree to which Community has become one of my happy places! I wasn't even going to watch it at first—I like The Soup okay, but I've never been a big fan of it, and like everyone else I also wasn't sure if Joel McHale was going to be able to pull off actual acting.

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So, what's the point of a new fannish journal if I can't pimp the OTW on it? Of course, with the flist I've got right now, this is going to be mostly preaching to the choir....

Open beta is imminent! Really really imminent!

I've been involved with the OTW, as an AD&T committee member and as a coder, for almost a year now. It hasn't been an easy year RL-wise, so I haven't always had much time or energy to devote to the Org, but it's nonetheless been a truly incredible experience. I've gotten to work with and learn from some pretty damn amazing women. So I'm ridiculously excited about Open Beta! *\o/*

I mean, it's definitely still *Beta;* there are a lot of bugs to catch and fix, and a lot of new features to build. But I feel like, out of the box, we're already better-designed as an archive than a lot of other places. There's been a lot of thought put into giving authors as much flexibility as possible while still making things easy to find for readers, to mention one thing.

We're going to be expanding our userbase as fast as our servers can safely handle, and while the system's invite-based, invites are largely going to be pulled from a queue that's going live tomorrow. You should all put your names in it! Everyone is invited to this party.
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Dear, dear Yulewriter,

I'm sorry that I don't have much internet presence for you to stalk! (I decided to make a fresh start, after years of lurkerdom where I let my internets identity get uncomfortably connected with my RL one.) For what it's worth, this is my first year doing Yuletide and I'm so bowled over by the idea that someone is writing a fic just!for!me! that I am sure to love whatever you come up with. Hold that in your head if you can't finish my tl;dr.

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Clover (manga) )

Coffee Prince )

Scott Westerfeld - Uglies trilogy )

The Middleman )

I'm sorry that none of these is really a "gimme" fandom; I wibbled on IM for hours about possibly dropping one for a gimme, but ultimately couldn't settle on one to give up. None of them is terribly epic, though, and while Clover has been known to be tricky to find it is pretty short.

This letter was written, largely, between 2:15 AM and 3:30 AM the night signups closed, and as such it's as much an attempt to just make sure I had SOMETHING up before assignments went out as it is anything else. I am probably going to expand it to include pimping-type info on all my fandoms, dear Yulewriter, to give you more to choose from; feel free to check back! You know, if you want even more tl;dr.
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My brother and I were watching Mad Men on the DVR, at a few minutes' delay to skip commercials. The DVR cut out right after the maypole scene ended, and by the time we passed through "oh fuck" and switched back to AMC... we got a millisecond flash of the very last bit, and roll credits. ::pouts::

That said, mid-episode I had an epiphany and was all "ha, writers, I see whut u did thar." So!

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So, here's my shiny new fannish journal.

Online identity is such a strange thing. Back in high school, when I was first getting involved in fandom (via ff.n, of course) I had to hide the fact that I was participating in anything online from my mother. Like many parents of my subgeneration, she was incredibly, impossibly freaked out by the very idea of her child having an online identity--sexual predators would leap out of the e-bushes, apparently, and drag me through the tubes to their evil lairs.

Late in high school and early in college, a few decisions and a few accidents meant that my livejournal got pretty irreversibly linked to my RL identity—not just in the "attached to my real name" sense, but also in the "read by nonfannish friends" sense. This was around the time that fandom was really migrating to livejournal, so my online identity was starting to consolidate there rather than being scattered across messageboards. This hasn't had any external repercussions that I know of—I'm honestly more concerned about future employers stumbling across my high school brattiness than my fannish juvenilia—but it wound up restricting the way I presented myself online in some pretty major ways. I was learning a lot, right then, about how to compartmentalize in healthy/useful ways, but my online identity became one I couldn't really compartmentalize. I ultimately responded pretty lurktastically.

This guy I know is a published novelist. He's a smart guy. I'd probably like his work, but I can't seek it out: he writes under a pen name, and I don't know it. No one who knows him knows it, actually, except of course his agent. He says that if other people knew the link, the well would dry up on him; the place his novel-creativity comes from is personal in a twitchy way. It reminds me of Millay's "Bluebeard."

And so. I am in a place right now where putting myself out there is difficult, and I use that phrase without clarifying context because I mean so many of its meanings. I find myself growing more and more passive. I want to have a compartment that's defined by its activity.